Previous Squadron 59 CyberPatriot Team

Name: Bryan Gooch

Rank: Cadet Captain

Age: 17

High School Name: River Springs Charter School

Grade: 12th

Interests/Hobbies: Flying, playing guitar, rock climbing, sometimes snowboarding, and of course, gaming!

Why you joined CAP: I've always been interested in the Military itself, especially flying, and this would be a big up for me if I ever decided to join the Air Force or other branch later on!

Why you are doing Cyber Patriot: Computers have always been an enigmatic system to me, so in joining the Cyber Patriot team, I hope to learn much more than I've already known about them, so that if any problems come up, I won't have to worry about them! Go Squadron 59!

Name: Nathan Wilking

Rank: Cadet Senior Airman


Name: Bishop Miller

Rank: Cadet Technical Sergeant

Age: 14

High School Name: Vista Murrieta High School

Grade: 9th

Interests/Hobbies: Computers, PC Games, PS3 Games, Aviation, Athletics, Facebook.

Why you joined CAP: To be part of something bigger than myself and military prep. Meet new people and help my community.

Why you are doing Cyber Patriot: I have a natural interest for computer, I want to make it to the finals in Florida, learn more about computers and cyber security.

Age: 17

High School Name: Herritage High School

Grade: 11th

Interests/Hobbies: DJing, Radio stations, going paint-balling. Fire Explorers, search and rescue. PC Gaming, Xbox and Facebook!

Why you joined CAP:

Why you are doing Cyber Patriot: To learn more about computers and to compete on a team. I know a lot about computers and wanted to join the team to make it to the finals.

Name: Erick Rodriguez

Rank: Cadet Airman

Age: 15

High School Name: Paloma Valley Highschool

Grade: 9th

Interests/Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, going to the mall, playing video games

Why you joined CAP: For discipline, to learn about planes and aviation and to participate in activities. To make Rank!

Why you are doing Cyber Patriot: To lean more about computers. I would like to someday get a job working with computers. To WIN the competition!

Name: Paul TicasRank: 1st Lieutenant, CAP

Age: 24

Interests/Hobbies: I enjoy anything that is technology related. Playing video games, going to the movies, hanging out with friends and family. Learning about new techologies and how they can make life better. Anything that humps, beeps and plugs in generally interests me.Why you joined CAP: I joined C.A.P. at first to see what it was about. My brother and my nephew are also members. I have been in CAP for about 15 months and I have learned so much as far as leadership goes and really doing things for others, mainly the cadets and their program. I saw that my squadrons IT infrastructure was lacking and being an IT professional, I felt that I would be able to do the most good in this program if I joined.

Why you are doing Cyber Patriot: Being the squadron's Information technology Officer, I felt it was definitely my duty to coach this. We have some of the greatest cadets in our program and I know that computers and cyber defense interest them so it made sense to get a team together. I am extremely excited to see the team grow and also how far we will be able to go in this competition.