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Cadet Staff

Command Section

Cadet Commander - C/1tLt Nathanael Reed

Cadet Deputy Commander - C/1tLt Kayle Ticas

Cadet First Sergeant - C/CMSgt Alyssa Ayala

Cadet Alpha Flight Commander - C/CMSgt Cole Alley

Cadet Alpha Flight Sergeant - C/TSgt Dustin Mitchell Jr.

Cadet Bravo Flight Commander - C/CMSgt John Deaton

Cadet Bravo Flight Sergeant - C/SMSgt Trent Bean

Support Staff

Cadet Executive Officer - C/2dLt Robert Heideman

Cadet Leadership Officer - C/1tLt Kayle Ticas

Cadet Aerospace NCO - C/CMSgt John Deaton

Cadet Personnel Airman - <OPEN>

Cadet Safety NCO - C/2dLt Robert Heideman

Cadet Supply Officer - <OPEN>

Cadet Finance NCO - C/SMSgt Trent Bean

Cadet Advisory Council Squadron Representative (Primary) - C/1tLt Kayle Ticas

Cadet Advisory Council Squadron Representative (Alternate) - C/2dLt Robert Heideman

If interested in applying for any of these positions,

please inquiry with the Cadet Executive Officer and apply HERE.

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