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Hemet-Ryan Composite Squadron 59

About Squadron 59

Hemet Ryan Composite Squadron 59 was chartered on July 16, 1988. At that time there were 20 chartered members and there is still 1 founding member active with the squadron. In 1989 the squadron became a composite squadron (adults and cadets) with 14 new cadets. There are currently 70 members in the squadron with 40 being cadets.

Because Hemet Ryan has been designated as a mission base and has qualified base staff, ground teams, and aircrews, Sq. 59 has been the host unit for an average of 2 Search and Rescue missions per year for lost or missing aircraft.

Sq. 59 also participates in an average of 10 missions per year locating Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT), which turn out to be false alarms. ELT's are made to activate during a crash but can also be activated by a hard landing or during servicing. On average only 25% of the ELT's actually survive post crash or are activated during a crash. Sq. 59 has also supplied qualified personnel for homeland security missions, 
counter narcotics missions, to search for shuttle debris, natural disasters, and 911 transportation requests.

Sq. 59 hosts an average of 2 Search and Rescue/Disaster Relief training missions per year to help gain and maintain proficiency.

A mission can require as few as 9 members or can range up to 150 members or more based on the requirements. Missions can last hours or weeks depending on the situation.

Squadron 59 Cessna

Squadron 59 operates one Civil Air Patrol corporate owned Cessna 182Q. It is based at the Hemet Ryan Airfield. The Cessna 182 is an ideal aircraft for CAP because of it's powerful engine and steady flight characteristics.